gathering up all my
memories and thoughts of
you and the way you smell
and how you feel against my skin
binding them tight together
so I will never forget
and you will always be close


come, sit beside me
dip your toes into the cool water
and watch rippling rings
roll the sky, the sun
and all of our dreams into
one silvery stream


when i'm tired, bent or broken 
and life has taken its toll
i've found no words, or earthly thing
can ever make me whole
so i turn to the potter, creator;
the author of my soul


late winter sun
teasing and tantalizing
spine tracing fingers
warming, flirting
bringing forth memories
of springs past


NYE 2015

i admit i peeked
or at least i tried
to steal a glance
of what lay ahead

but quickly i realized
i had been a fool
to let my gaze wander
from this present view

for what is to come
and what is behind
can never compare
to the gift of this time


mother, friend, muse, wife
nurturing, listening, passionate life
cooking, loving, kissing away pain
inspiring, understanding; I'd do it all again


your cry

one sound at once
 pierces the silence
 ignites every fiber of my being
one sound that makes
 me feel both irreplaceable
 and life-giving in this world
one sound that will
 forever be etched in my heart
 always be yours
that sound is
 your cry
 my life