Drawing in
The verdant green grass
   aglow in an early sunrise 
The steady beat 
   of a faithful husband's heart
The scent of innocence 
  on a baby's newborn skin
Never let it be said 
  That life was wasted on me...


A slant of predawn light 
finds me nestled against
the tide of your chest
and there is nothing else
in this world


lost in the spaces between
carefully orchestrated moments
i find the essence
of my life


early autumn breezes
tug at my tresses

marigold petals
dance by my feet

the patio bench
glides in steady rhythm

but I lose everything

to the cooing child
asleep on my chest



after every desert, a refreshing rain
after every night, a cool morning dew
after every battle, a reawakening
so thankful that you are part of my today
ever grateful that you continue to be a part
of my tomorrows



when you were just a hope, just a whisper
just a pulsing bean on a grainy screen
when you were slowly forming, daily growing,
as fast as my belly, appetite and dreams
when you were months, then weeks, even days away
you were so very much wanted
i pray that you will always feel that way



Sparkling KT

Some people gaze at the distant stars in wonder
others dance among the stars in rapture.
Delighted to have found the latter
in a genuine and vibrant friend!