beside me

I've been tracing lazy circles in this water all afternoon
let the birds fly
let the sun fall
let the clouds drift away
I am where I've always wanted to be
still; in a place with you
beside me


capturing each moment with you
lightning bugs in a mason jar
lighting up every still night
holding you in my heart


too much to lose

seams threatening to tear
around the edges where
tears pool as i
reflect on all that i
and have been given
too much to hold
too much to lose



clasping words once strewn
carelessly without thought of time
you carry them close
affording us the luxury
of once again
savoring syllables
so quickly cast
so hard to grasp


smooth stone
still in my hand
worn soft with time
and the dreams we share
I hold you tight
as we walk into
the future
yet so bright


come and roll over me
dark night,
bright sky,
pounding bass,
skipping treble,
spinning feet;
this is where I
want to be lost -
where I am found.


smooth stones in my palms
these moments, days, years
worn smooth, cherished,
growing richer with time