he awoke early each morning
put on his boots, gathering his tools
simple, but trust-worthy over time and
began his tireless stroll down each
row of promising soil turning
each handful over to wonder at the
promises that would soon spring up
from this rich earth, tenderly pressing
seeds carefully chosen for this purpose
into its moist depths, covering them with a prayer
that they soon would sprout forth to
greet the warm sun and quench
their thirst from the refreshing waters and
cultivation he provided as they grew


Sandra Dena said...

Wow, you've really been busy writing. I guess that summer break has been physically and mentally refreshing.

This is my favorite of the new poems. Something about the planting the seeds and waiting reminds me of Eletta Divers painting, The Dream Bearer. http://www.goldenbeltarts.com/GoldenBeltArtist-EleattaDiver.shtml

Charity said...

Yes Sandra,
I've made the most of my extra time. And it's true, Eleatta's work does reflect much of the patient faith of a gardener.
This poem is inspired by my father who is the steady-quiet type. I owe him much!!