shaken to the ground by autumn's brisk breezes
buried beneath decaying leaves and numbing snow
cold, dark, and shriveling
certain your end is come
wrap yourself in this one warm promise
spring will come



so rare
so rarely understood
unanticipated anomaly
impressing some, startling many
unlikely coupling of extreme elements producing a powerful display
cold water, hot magma, sudden heating, deep frustration,
unforeseen influences bursting forth
many stand in awe, few understand
so alone,
so faithful  



at season's end i
gather warm fuzzy fruit of the
memories i can't bare to lose and
trim out the bruised and ugly spots i don't care to preserve, then
simmer all of the savory moments adding sweetener where needed to
improve on actual events and
when i am finished reveling in yesteryear, or
the way i think those days are best remembered the
tidy jars with gingham trimmed labels are arranged in neat rows with
shiny copper lids, until the moment when
i retrieve these precious moments and
ingest their sweet savory goodness
once again