reduced to elementary facets
her bare fingers and toes stretch across an
endless sea of wildflowers as
her mind wades through the pale blue sky
thoughts tripping over clouds
before taking flight on the wings of a butterfly



somewhere between here and there
she drifted between the slats of time
noiselessly and quite unobtrusively
so that she had been gone for quite awhile
before anyone took note that she was not there
or wondered what became of the space
she had once occupied


center of the universe

she dips her toes into the water
just to watch the cool ripples spread
and if only for a few moments
she is the center of the universe



broad, roughly hewn boards
now worn warm and smooth
reflected the honeyed flickering of
the gas lantern above
having absorbed more than their share
of her coffee, tears, and worries
in the years since he'd anchored them in place
and left them beneath her elbows
to hold her up, once he had gone


she rose early each morning
not to catch the sun,
but rather to follow it
a dim glow rising with certainty, purpose
and unwavering focus



ink spills across
cerulean blue skies
grasping at the pale disk
slipping beneath the covers
of sleeping mountainous silhouettes



the best thing about a forever with you
is all the days it will take to get there



hello words familiar and true
worn smooth as these hands
scrolled you across yellowing pages

warmed by these lips
as your waves rolled over my tongue
breaking into life across these teeth

carefully tucked in delicate folds
hidden away, yet perpetually viewed
close to my heart, treasured, secure