stretched across sheets
fresh from dawn's cool breeze
honey sweet sunshine drips off her fingertips
warblers sing between the blinds
buttercream pools beckon from the rug
but his gravity pulls her back into his
dark milky way, and she
is lost to the morning


Buddah Moskowitz said...

I tried to leave a comment at the Poetic Asides site, but kept getting the "posting too fast " error!

Here's my comment: This poem is very alive and sensual - it brought a big smile to my face.

Great poem.

Charity said...

ha ha!
That "chide" is way too familiar!
Yay! Thanks so much for the encouraging feedback. I'm a late night poster, so it's hard to get feedback - especially for "morning" poems ; )

julia said...

"buttercream pools"...i love that. And that yummy sensuality...mmmm.


Charity said...

Thanks Julia. I really enjoyed constructing this one!