lone silhouette 
inked on a stroke of wire
consuming all the loneliness
in the universe 
caw-caw-cawing into the 
still morning
threatening to engulf the day 
ere it emerges 


Buddah Moskowitz said...

Wonderful! I have a bird like this at my office and every morning he perches overlooking the parking lot, squawking like Mussolini. Loved this.

Charity said...

Nice - great feedback. Animals are not my strong suite, so I had to go with the local wildlife : )

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Do the photos inspire your poems or do your poems inspire your photos...either way, they always go so well together :-)

Charity said...

Great question about the photos...I usually "see" and paint with my words, and sometimes look for a picture that reflects my vision.
I'd really love to to do study though, on narrate a favorite photographer or artist - I think it would be a great challenge. Maybe a Poem-A-Day challenge with photo prompts!