A crackle in the phone line suggested the fragility of their connection. Across all these miles, just a few copper wires transferring his rough voice to the place she called home. When had she grown up? When had he grown old?

"Are you still there?" he called into the still silence. "Yeah, Dad. Yeah, I'm still here." Though she knew she wasn't. She was a thousand miles from here, her mind was racing ahead, and back again. Didn't it seem like just yesterday they were sitting on the back porch, watching the morning mist rise off the grass in the yard, discussing life, and its many mysteries? Weren't they just standing beneath the stars as he patiently pointed out the rising constellations?

A flood of weakness washed over her as she clung a little tighter to the receiver, training her ears to listen to his every syllable. As she did, the tide of his words rolled in bringing a sweet sense of relief. She became aware then that there was so much more holding them together, something science could never delineate.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Such a vivid description of a long since grown up child's phone call back home...I really loved this.

Charity said...

Thank you. As a daddy's girl, these feelings are so deep and inescapable.