She stood motionless 
Her navy wool coat buttoned
Against the chill air that
Slashed against her face, her heart
As she watched her daddy's fatigues 
Disappear up the gangplank
Her face mirrored the mask he wore
Her small hand clinging tight
To the strap of her red balloon
Holding on with all her hope


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I interpreted this two ways: Was the little girl at her father's deployment/departure or was this at her father's funeral? Or was this something completely different? Just wondering.

Charity said...

Hmm.. insightful questions : )
the prompt was to use these 5 words in a poem, any order (slash, strap, mask, balloon, button).
When I thought on these words, I thought of a WWII child, seeing their father off to War/Navy.
I also learned through this exercise, the red balloon is a popular muse

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Loved your weaving of the prompts into the poem. The red balloon is an evocative touch. Well done, indeed.

Charity said...

Thank you. your feedback is encouraging (and validating!)