year of the dragon

He had been born in the year of the dragon. And while he so evidently possessed so many of the positive traits typical of the sign; romantic, energetic, and intellectual, she'd often come to discover that meant he could also be fiery, intollerent, and unrealistic. Of course this hadn't mattered at first, not when he was slaying her with unexpected tokens of affection and non-stop enthusiasm for all things, his relentless pool seeming to spill over bringing life to every dark corner of her world.
But that was months ago, when they first met, when the year was new. She on the otherhand, was born in the year of the dog. Straightforward, faithful, if occasionally stubborn and at times bothered by unwarrented anxieties. That must have been why she had warmed up to his energetic spirit so quickly, clung to his confidence, stuck by his side.
Yet now the year was drawing near to a close, and dusk seemed to be falling over them, concluding what she had somehow known all along. Dogs and dragons are not ideally suitable, and theirs was no exception. She could not find warmth in the hearth of a fiery dragon uncontent to linger too long at home.
Though as he drifted away with the year's end she tried to look positively at the end of their season together. Next year would be the year of the snake, and she was quite certain full of much potential.

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