The early spring rain is tracing her fingertips down the glass again.
But she cannot steal me away from this moment with you, 
your intoxicating presence permeating my every pore. 

She pours now, competing for my gaze, my breath. 
You already stole that from her, from me. 
Sinking your roots into my depths, warm, nurturing, and ready for life. 
I have no choice but to give myself over to you.

I abide now here in your shadow, desiring little more than to lay myself bare 
beneath your strength, your aroma, your stamen. 
Though the rain casts herself against the panes, I am already saturated
with you.
Memories captured, stories told -  Alicia Bock Photography http:www.alicia-bock.com.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

This poem made me feel incredibly relaxed. Gosh you're gifted!!

Charity said...

Thank you! As a regular follower, I'm sure you recognized the longer than typical format - a little stretch as it's less familiar.

Brian Miller said...

saturated nice intimacy in that and well placed after stamen and lay myself bare, the aroma as well...love that because intimacy def involves all the senses...the competing for attention early on is a bit disconcerting...love the title...

Anonymous said...

This is filled with a palpable intimacy and longing coupled with a kind of isolation - there behind the rain and window. Lovely. K.

Claudia said...

very warm and intimate piece...the being saturated with the other and the inclusion of the aroma and laying oneself bare..nice..

Anonymous said...

starts out a bit edgy, but flows along nicely. I like the sensual, open feel of it.

Charity said...

Wow, the depth of your feedback is so meaningful. I found myself retreading the poem with each comment, especially looking for/at the shift from edgy to intimacy. Thanks all!

Grace said...

Very nice sensual and intimate piece ~

Nice to meet you at D'verse ~


Mary said...

I just love this. Such gentle elegance in these words! And thanks so much for visiting my blog as well.

Charity said...

Grace, Mary, you're welcome!
I'm delighted to have found such a rich and active poetry community. So many wonderful talents to visit and be inspired by!

Anonymous said...

Nice intimate portrait, enjoyed it.