somewhere between 8 and 9 and
yours and mine, 
and staying on our side of the line
i guess somewhere we grew up, 
as we play those games less and less
but if you want to jump in puddles
just one more time
i'm pretty sure, i still remember just how it's done!

Memories captured, stories told -  Alicia Bock Photography http:www.alicia-bock.com.


Anonymous said...

This made me smile! Nicely done.

Charles Miller said...

Always know how to jump in those puddles! You have to keep the memories of kiddom alive for a while. Walking in rain, jumping in puddles, it's all there to do indeed!

Charity said...

Yes!! This was to my big sister, who always made sure I knew my side of the line. We're "grown-up" now, but still enjoy just being girls together!!