years of memories stacked in
dishes glazed yellow and cobalt blue,
their smooth curves captured
late night conversations,
more than our share of tears,
and the heat of a romance that
lit our worlds on fire

Today's poem inspired by Alicia Bock Photography. Find your inspiration at http:www.alicia-bock.com


Optimistic Existentialist said...

So what inspired the title of your blog "Laughing Here On Earth" if I may ask?

Catherine lee said...
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Catherine lee said...

What a delicious poem! I'm really enjoying your ekphrases!

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Wow-ee! This was great! A home run, simple and strong!

Charity said...

Thanks Buddah, your feedback is always welcomed!

Charity said...

Catherine lee, you offered a compliment and I must admit, reason to get out the dictionary - ekphrases (I've learned a new term).

Charity said...

As an optimist, I think this explanation should ring true.

Sometimes "this" earth seems dark and harsh, and so I look for light and "laughter" in the midst.

Essentially, I'm purposely choosing the positive, in a difficult place (though at times even I'm lost in the warmth of the sun that warms the earth as it dances through the shadows of dark days).