nestled against tufted velvet benches, we
rock to the rhythm of the engine's pull on 
our car as it glides along the tracks, the 
sun tracing golden fingertips across
glowing mahogany and polished brass
the landscape blurs past, framed in coal black
smoke and the wail of the steam whistle

setting the scene at dVerse


Claudia said...

so very cool...we have an old steam train that is still running on weekends..and a ride on it feels just exactly like that...so very well captured..

Anonymous said...

I could feel the rhymthmic tugging of the train and experience your experience. Wonderful sensory details in this brief, well-written poem.

Charity said...

Thanks Claudia,
I love that these steam engines are still running, they're both vintage, and mystical.

Charity said...

I appreciate your sensory feedback, coming from such a richly worded piece yourself!

Brian Miller said...

very nice...you have me right there...love to ride the train....love that you captured the wood and brass....and so much of the train in so little....love it

Charity said...

Thank you Brian. I appreciate your feedback and consistent follow up. You are essential to the success and popularity of dVerse.

Anonymous said...

Nice--an evocative piece!

Grace said...

I like the vivid capture of the engine ride past the blurring landscape ~