icy waters rushing up and over me
you halt my breath
slow my heart
and succumb me to
a power stronger than life
for you love me
even unto death


her face reflected in the glass exhibit case
topped a green velvet dress 
with a cinched 18" waist, 
so unlike the size 18 frame that
trapped her body 
though not her imagination
and even if only for the briefest moment
she too... was "Gone with the Wind."

dVerse is people watching today, and so was I at the "Gone with the Wind" exhibit at the Museum of History. 


crisp pink slipper apples fall into
cinnamon warm aroma rising from
ceramic mugs warming my hands my
heart chilled by Autumn's kaleidoscope of
colors swirling around me, brushing the
bricks beneath my feet hold memories and
embrace the mystery of seasons gone, to come


black and white and black and white
he moved between these two shades
with the ease and slight of hand of
a magician, he cast spells on her
every time he played, he played her
heart. a relentless song she prayed
would never end


crickets, fireflies, and the sun are fading
conceding summer's end
still these sticky fingers, and the sweat above my lip
cling to the promises of Ferris wheels and caramel apples
and I know that the fun has only just begun!

an end of summer herald for open link night at dVerse


carefree showers beckon from the edge of the porch
against black skies of rolling thunder i consider
the dance of the storm, the puddles splashing
beneath her skirt, and her rhythm. i am lulled to rest


Juniper spirit, 
Campari, Cocchi on ice
cocktail for a count