The knife digging in her side caused less
and less pain as she learned to live with
its blade buried deep within her ribs. 
And lately she had even discovered she
has been seeing things a little differently, now
that she has gotten in the habit of moving much
more slowly, purposely, in an effort to keep
this wound from growing deeper. 
Strange how these things work out in 
the most unexpected of ways. 


Mary said...

Sad sometimes how someone can learn to live with something someone else has delivered (I assume), so much so that pain eventually becomes the norm.

Fred Rutherford said...

terrific piece. Love the string of phrase here, especially the slowing down on purpose. Really enjoyed. Thanks

rallentanda said...

I think this is called survival.
Very sensible approach to what we know as life... a thorn in the side and for the more sensitive a blade in the ribs has to be endured in many situations. Certain races have managed to survive with this attitude. If they had not ,they would have been obliterated centuries ago.

Shawn said...

Wounds take much time to heal when they are deep enough, but somehow we manage to work around them in new light. Lovely poem.