your first gurgling notes
the metallic clang of the bat
screeching bike tires
pencil chewing growls

notes at times monumental
and if i'm honest
at times monotonous

notes of an precious life
a song cut short
I miss you in every silent space
I will never stop humming your song


in the midst of chaos, worry, life
joy bubbled forth, a gratuitous bloom.
its fragrant offering reminding her;
life is indeed good!

a dVerse reflection of spontaneous poetry
   for those inclined to creatively record
      the wonders of life on this bouncing ball


they shouted till their breath ran dry
cheering on their team
calling out strategic plays
from the sidelines

they were not simply spectators
they were sponsors, endorsers,
team advocates and fans
they wore the colors, talked the talk
and of equal importance,
they walked the walk

 up early, in line, banners in hand
they put their money where their mouth was
they didn't leave at half-time
or the seventh inning stretch

valuable contributors to the game
these citizens marked their ballots
and waited with baited breath
each side convinced,
they held the winning combination

 It's election night, and we're contributing our voices at dVerse


borrowing a line for Monday's poetry prompt
"sighing hush hush under welted clouds"

he and she in the early dusk
backs pressed against the damp grass
whispering and sighing, building a future in the sky
hush hush, under welted clouds


flecks of afternoon sun danced
across her forehead
the hood of the car
the windows rolled down recklessly
taking in autumn air as the cares of
the day rolled away with each leaf
skittering across the road