when i left home,
             landed in Europe.
no apron strings, 
or room for judging others.

things changed that year.
though mostly,
i was the one 
who changed.

landing upright,
i learned 
change wasn't all bad,
and the future 
holds more hope than fear.

Change, good or bad, planned or unexpected ~ is just around the corner.
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Brian Miller said...

things changed, but mostly me...smiles...that is how true change usually starts...read your comment as well...what an interesting time that must have been for you...

vivinfrance said...

I love your positive attitude to change.

Claudia said...

landing upright is a good thing and embracing change in a new culture is a good thing as well.. such a wonderful opportunity as well

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love the positivity! Have a Happy New Year Charity :)

Charity said...

Thanks so much.
I'm a self proclaimed,
"terminally optimistic" individual
Happy New Year!

Manicddaily said...

Good to keep in mind! k.