amid the swinging sound of the band,
the banjos and feet a'stomping across the floor,
i was lost to the cheers of celebration and shouts of joy.
lost in the still silence between this irreplaceable moment,
and all the moments i had somehow let slip away.
i vowed then and there in my heart, to hold on tighter this time .

In a call to really hear, Tashtoo has invited us to share our stories, memories, songs.  Come take a listen at the dVerse bar.


Brian Miller said...

try as we might to hold onto them many will slip through our fingers, but there are def a few special ones i like to keep close...smiles.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Great poem, but do not hold so tight that new moments cannot find their way in, Mosk

jane hewey said...

i like your opening with banjos, feet, and the clear feeling of being lost in the moment. a strong ending for a vulnerable moment.

Victoria said...

I could almost feel the vibrations of the foot-stomping!