knobby knees, bony, angular,
stick out in front of me;
unchanging reminders of all the gawky and
awkward growing up moments that i'd just as soon
forget now that i've become so
much more educated, articulate, refined, curved.

skin stretches over bone. a bicycle fall scar runs
along the outside of my left knee cap. and i am still
"monkey-ears;" swinging from the jungle gym
book under my arm, locked over the parallel bars by
knobby knees, bony, angular.

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Brian Miller said...

ha its fun to still play at the playground...i do with my boys...monkey ears? lol....

Gretchen Leary said...

Aww "Monkey ears" such a cute reference. Beautiful poem about staying a child. :)

Charity said...

really ~ that was a childhood nickname. Both because I was often found on the monkey bars, and, because the boys like to tease me about my ears.

Anonymous said...

loving this...for me it was the pondering on the scar that became the reminder of growing up...and encouraged the nostalgia and reflection. Thinking about it, we often do that with scars, we remember where we were and when and why!...the 'monkey ears' line and the knobby knees was written so endearingly...great poem

Anonymous said...

I have a scar on the outside of my left knee too. I collected it on a rugby pitch when I was 13. Then there's teh scar over my left eye from when I was 9, the one in front of my right ear from when I was 6. Add to those the scars on a couple of the fingers of my left hand from running my bike ito a creosoted fence when I was 13 (that wasn't a great year for my limbs looing back!) and I have quite the catalogue of my childhood etched onto parts of my body. Your poem reminded of each and every one of these incidents, and plenty of others about nicknames I'd really rather not think about.