so many nights of strained voices,
frustration and tears.
where the only "piece" she got
was of someone else's mind. 

in patches of sun-buttered carpet, 
and the musty pages of a well worn book, 
she finds all the peaces
her heart has ever ached for. 

finding peace, in all of our poetry pages, tonight on dVerse


Brian Miller said...

ouch that first one is painful...and a harsh reality too many live with...and i have def found that peace in a book...most of my early life...

Mary said...

As Brian said -- painful; but excellent. At least she found her own way to PEACE. And, as I think about it, perhaps this is what we all really need to do!

Gretchen Leary said...

I could feel the comfort in your words "sun buttered carpet" when my mom and stepfather would argue I would escape into my books. Warm carpets are the best to dig your toes into. Beautiful poem.

Frank Watson said...

I like the wordplay here. I have to admit I had wayward thoughts about the line "the only 'piece' she got" ...

Wonders wrought
From a turning leaf
Encloses all
In time’s relief.

Kim Nelson said...

Fabulous, off-beat use of 'peaces' is the icing on this two-layer poem. Tight, detailed, informative, your writing delighted me.

Anonymous said...

Like a kick in the gut, followed by a soothing massage. Great juxtaposition of contrasting moods - very effective.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Excellent - second layer - delicious.

Anna :o]

Charity said...

the only thing better than getting the poetry out ~ is taking your feedback in.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

dragyonfly said...

beautiful!! beautiful!! bravo...i especially love the "sun buttered carpet" and the play on words of peaces and pieces...thank you!!