sometimes i am angry;
angry in frustration as the earth pulls away
fingers digging in, ground slipping away,
despite my pulling, groaning, and grappling.
and i can't help but think it will all be lost
despite my best efforts.
and i am angry.

Joe Hesch's challenge today at dVerse is, "Don't stop! Don't worry about what others might think. Just write." While love, peace, and happiness are easier on the reader, sometimes the more difficult emotions we experience are more honest, and harder to face.


Brian Miller said...

an interesting way you bring out those emotions as well...the ground failing away beneath you...i like plunging the full range of emotion...i think as you say it makes for more honest writes....

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Very nice writing. Palpable and vivid emotion.

jane hewey said...

I enjoy your opening image of the earth pulling away. I am learning to be more honest with my own anger. this speaks to me.

Gretchen Leary said...

I see so much struggle, very well done. I actually find anger scary and so I think I naturally make myself sad to avoid it. Anger is so intense, but then again, every emotion is intense for me.