she kept flying
and dreaming and living and believing
having confidence in the present 
and hope for the future

at first she did it 
because no one had told yet that she couldn't
but in time
she continued to do it 
because everyone told her it was impossible

PAD 16: the impossible

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt


the tomato vine grew thick and strong
its felt stem pressing into the cedar fence
that held it so securely.
a hand reached for a promising ripe fruit
palming its dense sunwarmed flesh.
with a twist the orb snapped from the vine
revealing it's hidden sin.
an infestation of sweet seeking ants
tumbled out of a split in its flesh,
an infestation hidden to the casual eye.
with a breath of disappointment
the vegetation was slung beyond the fence.
lips pressed together the gardener moved on
there would be a harvest in time.

PAD 15: infestation poem 
(& the disappointment of expectations unmet /aka/  there is a certain beauty in the empty glass)


waking early
before dawn
legs stretching, tendons reaching, lungs seeking
she set out
on a journey to the end
13.1 miles
she breathed with
every step
and inch by inch
that monster
was overcome

PAD 13: monster (and my 1/2 marathon race)


Parched dry lips
cry out against this
dusty landscape.
Aching, empty, yearning; I
thirst for you.

Rushing waterfall,
immersing, permeating, saturating
my soul.
Revived, I will drink
endlessly from your well.

PAD 13: comparison poem


Waiting forever
to love you
Completely you love,
forever waiting.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
threads sewed dreams together
waiting eternity
eternity waiting together
sewed threads

PAD 12: palindromes at dVerse
challenging, yet strangely addicting


He rose early to rehearse his plan,
sharpen his tools,
visualize each move
and every necessary response.

After a long and exacting hunt
his careful positioning
and steady endurance paid off

As he paused now, his game leveled,
the trophy laid out before him,
he stepped back in triumphant pride.

Never noting the gleam in her eye,
the smile that played across her lips,
nor the snare now encircling his leg.

PAD 9: hunter/hunted an angled poem 
For more angles, head over to dVerse poets pub!


"How to Forgive"

Take a deep breath and
look at the humanity and
brokenness and frailty out of which
most of mankind functions.

Think back on the foolish acts
and words and thoughts and hurt
that you have caused unintentionally,
or even on purpose.

Wonder at the grace of those who
have overlooked, looked on, or looked beyond
your own imperfections and weaknesses
and then...

Let the words come out of your mouth
let your body agree
and soon enough,
you at least, will be free.

PAD 8: "How to.." prompt


slip sliding through
memories of childhood
caring-less and living more

these moments of reflection
take years off my face and add
a smile that is not easily displaced

he revealed from his perch on the bench beside me

PAD 7: sevenling poem  


Nestled together on the sofa,
they were comforted as they reflected on their few years together.
The curtains hung, the walls painted, their abode was welcoming
and only recently beginning to reveal room for another.
Two birds lining a nest with love and preparation;
as he he took her into his arms, one plus one became three.

PAD 5: plus prompt 
PAD 6: anecdotal form


"Hold 'em sweetie,"

these words, husky and sultry beneath her breath,
fell from scarlet lips now welcoming a Gibson.

Her voice, stature, and enameled fingernails suggested
wisdom earned and well worth heeding.

How then did she so often lose her hand?

Long after the teardrop diamonds framing her perfect chignon
were gone, her words and sweet perfume lingered on.

In love and poker, always play your cards close to your chest.

PAD 4: Hold that...irony


milky teeth dig
into strawberry lips
blue irises on opaque seas
search with held breath

search for an affirmation
a sign, a token to cherish
something more tangible
than this tentative hope

PAD 3: tentative poem 


On pitch black nights,
you offer me dawn.

Amid evil and darkness,
sweet innocence you shelter.

Despair's gritty nails dig in,
yet you free me to hope.

Blinding cavernous depths
can not stand
in your light.

PAD 2: bright poem / dark poem


pale rays of early sunlight push through as
this day dawns new and full of possibilities
but my toes are nestled in the warm and
familiar scent of your skin, our sheets, and
and thousand memories that anchor my soul

It's a new day, a new month, and a new year of the Poem-A-Day challenge!
Today's prompt: something new