He rose early to rehearse his plan,
sharpen his tools,
visualize each move
and every necessary response.

After a long and exacting hunt
his careful positioning
and steady endurance paid off

As he paused now, his game leveled,
the trophy laid out before him,
he stepped back in triumphant pride.

Never noting the gleam in her eye,
the smile that played across her lips,
nor the snare now encircling his leg.

PAD 9: hunter/hunted an angled poem 
For more angles, head over to dVerse poets pub!


Brian Miller said...

haha the hunter becomes the hunted...or in this case the caught...not as smart as you thought eh buddy...smiles.

Sleepshort said...

Very clever. I like it.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Excellent, btw how did you ever meet Kim?

Victoria said...

Karma! Right away, before I noticed the title, you gave me the impression of a hunt. This could be metaphoric, as well.