"Hold 'em sweetie,"

these words, husky and sultry beneath her breath,
fell from scarlet lips now welcoming a Gibson.

Her voice, stature, and enameled fingernails suggested
wisdom earned and well worth heeding.

How then did she so often lose her hand?

Long after the teardrop diamonds framing her perfect chignon
were gone, her words and sweet perfume lingered on.

In love and poker, always play your cards close to your chest.

PAD 4: Hold that...irony


Susan Daniels said...

Hahaha. i am better at cards than love. Well done!

Brian Miller said...

ha. nice...you got to be careful in how you tip your hand, and to whom...smiles.

Anonymous said...

Always best to be careful, keep a poker face if you can!

Shawna said...

Good advice.

Anonymous said...

Poker face all the time, unless there's money involved; then I go to pieces. Good job I'm not a gambler ;-)

Julia Chiang said...

very nicely put....good advice from the Gibson drinking lady. love it.

Heidi said...

Fun poem. I am enjoying your blog.