she kept flying
and dreaming and living and believing
having confidence in the present 
and hope for the future

at first she did it 
because no one had told yet that she couldn't
but in time
she continued to do it 
because everyone told her it was impossible

PAD 16: the impossible

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt


Cressida de Nova said...

Love the message in this one.The say the only thing that hinders you from achieving is yourself. They are wrong. Ces les autres!

Ravenblack said...

Some people give up when everyone tells them it's impossible. So, good for her!

An encouraging piece.

Heidi said...

Awesome poem. I like the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt as part of the reading. It is amazing what can be done when you don't know that you aren't supposed to be able to.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

I love this - very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

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