do you remember that night?
the sky was black and the grass growing damp
and we were singing and talking into the dawn?
let's never forget..


Skipping stones across the dark blue stream
spotted with reflections of the sky, the clouds, the dark
silhouettes of taller trees.
I let my mind wander from life's mysteries and dilemmas
yet unsolved, for a child's labor of patience and art.
The twist of wrist, the defiance of nature's expectations,
today I have conquered!


My feet and fingers are slipping,
stealing my breath and hope as I
slide down. Terrified I look over
my shoulder, overwhelmed, the accusations
rise. Where were you? Why didn't
you help? How are you letting me fall?
Only I see you too, grasping for the next
inch, hanging on by knuckles and grit. I
bite back the angst inside and breathe out.
My lips say it will be okay, and I reach up


Every harmonica strain and lightening bug
bright against this mid-summer sky
makes my heart yearn for simpler evenings
with you derailing my senses.

So lay another Hickory log on the fire
and we'll watch the sparks dance while you
sing me another song, a tune that takes up all
of my todays and tomorrows.


The familiar chords of a once vogue song
roll across her heart robust as clouds on a
dizzying summer day. Her eyes mist over with
memories of their sweet annals; she is lost
in the moment they first met, and her heart is
young again.


Pressing beautiful moments between pages
of flowering colors and memories.
This life's veins on papery thin tokens
she intends to carry with her for a very long time.