I once dreamed
of being a dancer, a doctor a world traveler.
I once dreamed
of being famous, a celebrity, an artist.
I  once dreamed
of being a king, a soldier, a hero.
Then I grew up, and beyond my wildest dreams
became a mother - a keeper of innocence
and dreams.



So familiar
your hand on mine,
this afternoon sun,
the continuity of our community.
A younger version of me
would have seen monotony and boredom
where I now see comfort and tradition.
So thankful to be in a safe and familiar place.



With the breath of a flute
dawn breaks over the horizon
warm, smooth, rising.
Upon the blast of a trumpet
it embarks over the trees
heralding this new day.
It will never be, can never be again
and so we take in as many notes as we can
before dusk escapes on the low mournful
notes of the cello.



life's pen dips into ink
drawing distinct lines
delicate loops
bold flourishes
indelible stories