beside me

Tiptoe over and take your place beside me.
Nestle in the place made for only you,
for when you are gone I am broken
and empty;
and there is no where I want to be without you.


head down

head down
eyes on our feet
I am free to forget
so much
and only be
head down
eyes on our feet
swaying to this music
where my heart
longs to be
head down
eyes on our feet



Air crisp as apple slices falls
reminding me of seasons to come.



you bring me to this place
of katydid songs and
cool pine breezes where
where only the stars above
can rival our love


two years

Little boy with eyes of blue
just yesterday your life was brand new.
I held you close and rocked you to sleep
amazed that this miracle was mine to keep.

Somehow two years have swept through
days of smiles, and tears and holding you.
I keep thinking time will slow down,
take a break, give us time before your grown.
But it seems intent on racing away
as you work so hard at play.

So forgive me as I pull you near
and smell your skin and kiss you dear.
As you learn and grow, try and do,
know that you carry my heart with you.


Step over me. Slip your toes
into the water that beckons from below
drawing you languidly
from yourself, closer to me.



Willing my heart to secure
for a lifetime the scent
of your hair, your breath, your skin
the light reflected in your eyes
and the way you cling to me.

There may be a someday when
time and space and life will take
you far from me,
but forever these precious moments
will be safe,
secured innocence within me.