When a closet full of
slouch socks, Jelly shoes, Swatch watches,
Pound Puppies, Trapper Keepers and Care Bears
fell into her side ponytailed, teased high bangs,
Walkman wearing, Atari playing, Lite Brite
illuminated Sunday Disney movie watching lap,
she knew it was time to put on INXS and
roll out on her roller skates like some Dot Matrix paper.


deeps said...

i think only you can understand the scene behind lines here :)

Charity said...

Well..not too complicated. It's more a reference to pop-culture in my formative years. Probably identifiable to similarly aged females in my geographic region. Though not every piece speaks to every reader : )
PS - I'm posting daily now on Instagram as PostandScribe. Not sure if you're active in that realm or not.